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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What important question should I ask when evaluating different MSPs?

Answer: The first question you should ask a potential MSP is “How do you protect me, your client?” This gets you the information you need regarding processes, software, controls, etc. But it’s also important to ask your MSP how they protect themselves. Your MSP should demonstrate strong cybersecurity practices internally to ensure customer information and IT assets are protected to the maximum extent, otherwise your security program is off to a bad start before it could even begin.

Question: How can Today Cybersecurity help protect my small business?

Answer: Through a combination of our Security-First Managed IT and Advanced Threat Protection services, we can have your business protected from end-to-end, from every possible angle. Through security awareness training and testing, advanced email and endpoint protection, ongoing security monitoring, and incident response, there’s never a gap we don’t know about and aren’t already fixing.